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Crown and Bridge Restorations with less chair time

Partner with our crown and bridge lab located in Birmingham, Alabama

When it comes to using a dental lab, your patients trust you to make the best decisions for their smile. But without the right dental crown and bridge lab, it can be a challenge to ensure durable and achievable results. You need a certified dental technician who will work with you to achieve those results.

Luckily, Gray Dental Laboratory is here to handle all of your dental crown and bridge needs. If you're looking for a crown and bridge lab, turn to us for assistance. We are located in Birmingham, Alabama. We also provide services Nationwide. We use the latest dental technology to produce perfectly fitted restorations.

Call us today at 205-979-1002 to speak with our sales representative. Be sure to ask about our case planning services.

Gray Dental Lab Has Been Serving The Dental Community Since 1971

Dentists nationwide depend on us to take of all of their crown and bridge needs. 

Use the latest dental technology

Prioritize your needs and timeline

Rely on 45+ years of experience

Offer high-quality work at a competitive rate

Maintain transparent communication

We assist with difficult crown and bridge case planning and provide tech support for case submissions and digital scans.

If you are looking for expert training and exceptional customer service, Gray Dental Laboratory is perfect for you. For more information on our services, reach out to our office at 205-979-1002.

Choose The Dental Laboratory With Strict Quality Control

All of our dental products are 100% American-made from the highest-grade materials. We consider our dental products to be an art form, and won't rest until we have produced the perfect match for your patient.